Welcome to the Vineyard

Vineyard Community Church, Gilbert, is a diverse community of followers of Jesus. We seek the inbreaking of the Kingdom of God here and now. We worship God with the intention of touching heaven and changing earth. We desire to be a church that reflects the heart of Jesus, whose compassion draws people from impossible situations into a circle of hope, friendship, and healing. We acknowledge we all come to Christ broken and that it is the power of the Holy Spirit that heals and mends our souls.

Transformed by Christ, in Community, for the World.

Everything we do from our weekend services, to our small groups, to the various ministries we’re involved in throughout the week, relates to one of these three themes because these themes describe what it means to be a follower of Jesus.

Transformed by Christ

Our first area of emphasis is to assist people who don’t know God to find a real relationship with Him. This involves intentionally seeking and welcoming the people Jesus misses most – the ones who don’t know Him yet. It also involves encouraging people to “come as they are,” and welcoming and accepting them when they do. Additionally, we to help those who do know Christ to grow in greater dimensions of His character and love.

In Community

None of us are called to follow Jesus in isolation. We’re called to participate in an authentic community of faith as a local expression of the body of Christ. It is here in relationship with Christ and with other Christians that we learn how to love each other, prefer each other, forgive each other, and serve each other.

For the world

In addition to relationship with Christ and His church, we are called to participate in His ministry to the world. We do this by teaching and training people to live like Jesus, love like Jesus, and do the things that Jesus did in our neighborhoods and community. Learn how we are living this out locally (Click Here), as well as globally (Click Here).
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Come and join us!

We have services at 9 & 11 am and we invite you to join us!