Coffee with a Cause


At Vineyard Gilbert we drink Singing Rooster coffee on Sunday mornings. We do this to draw awareness to the need in the world, and how we can do little things that impact others in big ways, and bring the Kingdom – even drink coffee.

Fair Trade? Even Better.

Singing Rooster is a social enterprise non-profit. Established in 2009, they are a member of the Fair Trade Federation, but they are more than Fair Trade. They partner commercially with small-holder producers to alleviate poverty in Haiti by building stronger businesses.

More for the farmers!

Farmers are paid a MINIMUM of $3 per pound for crops; Singing Rooster returns another 50 cents after crops sell for continued business development. The remainder of Singing Rooster’s costs — 34% — pays for export/import, transport to roastery, warehousing, roasting, bagging, shipping coffee.



Coffee & cocoa farmers have been tilling the land, harvesting crops in Haiti for centuries. With modest instruction in basic accounting and training on costs of product transformation, farmers are better able to show younger generations a viable way to earn a living.



Singing Rooster researches, investigates and test equipment that may transform farming practices and production. They recently visited Colombia — a country where farmers are organized and value education (their government supports it). With small upgrades, an entire village may be transformed into a powerhouse.



Along with managing the entire supply chain on behalf of producers, they’ve planted tens of thousands of seedlings (coffee & fruit tree canopies) in one of the most deforested nations.

In a country where less than 3% of lands are forested, this is significant. Read more about this – coffee trees are changing the face of Haitian mountains.

“If we serve Jesus then every act & thought has meaning. Acts of kindness aren’t just niceties, they become acts of worship.”
– John Wimber
To learn more about Singing Rooster’s efforts, or to purchase coffee or other goods from them, visit: SINGINGROOSTER.COM