Food Pantry

Through our food pantry, we assist families in our community. Last year, we provided 4,226 food boxes given to 23,306 people in need.
The current hours for our food pantry is:
Tuesdays from 10am-1pm.
(and for emergencies upon request)
***On the 3rd Tuesday of every month, the Food Pantry is now open from 6pm-7:30pm.***


Q: Is there a cost? A: No, there is no cost.
Q: Is a form of identification needed? A: Yes, we do ask for ID as proof of Arizona residency. If you do not have an ID, we can also take a utility bill.
Q: Is there a need for volunteers? A: Yes, we can always use volunteers to carry boxes of food to people’s cars and pray with them!

Helping the Helpers


In response to the current pandemic, the Boys & Girls Clubs have opened their doors for daily childcare to health care workers and first responders, as well as those who do not have childcare as a result of school closures.  Their resources are limited.  We have the opportunity to offer support to the Boys & Girls Club, Chandler, as they offer support to those in need.  

  • Cleaning: They need volunteers to help clean their facility. On our website you can learn more and choose a day/time and bring your best rubber gloves & cleaning supplies, and disinfect hard surfaces around the Club.
  • Donate Snacks: They can really use prepackaged snacks & fresh fruit for afternoon snacks.
  • Financial Donation: Any financial donation is welcome.  It helps defray their expenses and stretch their resources to best meet the needs of the families on the front lines of this pandemic.
Contact Lori Kaake to volunteer or be a part of providing resources:

Homeless Ministry

We partner with Chandler Christian Community Center in the I-HELP program to provide dinner and house approximately 20 homeless people on our campus once per month. For more information, please call the church office at 480-892-5828, or contact Lesley at

Shumway Leadership Academy

It’s been our desire to love and bless Shumway and the work that they are doing in investing in the community. We have been actively supporting and linking arms to support them: whether playing games with kids during events, blessing them with school supplies, or serving lunch to the teachers, we’ve enjoyed the opportunities that have opened up in process of loving this school.


Ways to help

  • Volunteer for the Shumway mentor program
  • Help with events to bless teachers as well as students
  • Volunteer with the Good News Bible Club
  • Commit to praying for Shumway
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