Team Vineyard


Greeting Team

Do you have a gift of hospitality or desire to make people feel welcome? If so the greeting team is a great place to serve, and it’s an opportunity to work as a team to innovate fun and creative ways to love people while their here!


Do you love coffee? Do you love sharing God’s love with people? Well, the coffee team is an opportunity to love others my making quality coffee for those who attend on Sunday morning – as well as promoting a sustainable income for farmers in an impoverished country. Not only does the coffee taste good, but it makes a lasting impact for families in Haiti (through Singing Rooster Coffee)! So, be a part of Team Vineyard by making coffee, and being a voice for our mission of helping families and workers in Haiti!

Usher Team

Another way to be a part of the team is to be a point person who helps people to their seats, answer questions, and help to receive the tithes and offerings on Sunday morning.

Worship & Tech Ministry

Worship is a high priority for us at Vineyard Gilbert. Are you a musician or vocalist interested in serving as a part of the worship team?
Are you interested in serving on our tech team? We always need projectionists (those who run the projection software on the computer during services). If you are interested in helping in this area, please click the button to send an email to the person in charge of this area of ministry.

Sunday Morning Ministry Team

The Sunday Morning Ministry Team is a group of trained prayer ministers who are available to pray with people during our Sunday morning services (as well as for special services). There are bi-annual one time trainings that teach the model of prayer that we use in the Vineyard.